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Montana’s hometown
Welcome to Helena Montana

Explore Montana’s Hometown.


Welcome to Helena, Montana and thank you for visiting us in Calgary! We  enjoyed talking about Helena’s rich history, access to the outdoors, and artful creativity. We invite you to explore Helena’s trails and history with these great ideas for all your summer plans.


As a recreation town, explore the historic landmarks by bike, foot, car, or even the Last Chance Tour Train! Our family-friendly community offers an array of amenities for kids to grandparents that keep people’s attention for a lifetime.


Find out why so many people from Alberta love Helena, Montana so much!

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South Hills Trail System
Top 4 Reasons Calgary Loves Helena!

Explore the Trails

Over 75+ miles of trails for mountain bikers, runners, hikers, and even birders the Helena trail system offers outdoor access to all abilities. Discover why Helena was rated a Silver-Level Ride Center from International Mountain Biking Association.


Reeder’s Alley

Learn about Helena’s roots by exploring the original Pioneer Cabin built in 1864 and walk through the brick Alley built by Louis Reeder, used to house miners looking to strike it rich during the 1880s gold rush boom.


Downtown Walking Mall (Last Chance Gulch)

This historic district is home to restaurants, breweries, and local shops. Explore the architecture, see where the stream still flows, and take a selfie by the Guardian of the Gulch (Helena’s historic Fire Tower).


Live Events

Take a weekend trip to Helena and discover all the wonderful community events Helena has to offer. Mark the calendar for July 20, 2024 and immerse yourself in the Helena Symphony and a spectacular Montana sunset. Pack the picnic basket and blanket for this unique experience.

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Montana Club, Downtown Helena
Road Trip to Helena

Helena is only a six-hour (650 KM) drive from Calgary and four-hour drive (438 KM) from Lethbridge! The road may be long, but surrounded by rivers, mountains, and prairies it makes the open road fun. Find these stops along I-15 to Helena.


First People’s Buffalo Jump State Park – Immerse your travel experience with the tribes of Montana.


Tower Rock State Park – Travel like Lewis & Clark did in the 1800’s. Discover their path and the beauty along the Missouri River.


Gates of the Mountains Boat Tour – Before arriving to Helena in the summer, book a boat tour traveling up the Missouri River. Discover nature and history with a one-of-a-kind Montana boat tour.


Fly Fish the Missouri River – Stop off in Craig or Wolf Creek and book a drift boat guide to fly-fishing the iconic Blue Ribbon Missouri River.

Fly Fishing, Missouri River