Things to Do

How Did We Get Here?: Democracy

“…democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” – Winston Churchill Is democracy new or old? Does […]

Reading & Discussion Series: Exploring the Republic

Why is it worthwhile to act justly, even if we could “get away” with injustice? Doesn’t the successful thief or tyrant have a life that’s attractive and enviable? How does […]

Philosophy Talk: Paradigms on Planet Earth (and Aliens)

A fun community philosophy gathering exploring some paradigm shifts on planet earth….and aliens! Featuring guest scholar Stephen Maly, our night will involve a combination of presentation and Q & A […]

How Did We Get Here?: Religion

What is (a) religion? What are religions for? Whom are they for? And conversely, if someone is “spiritual but not religious” (or simply not religious), what exactly is it that they aren’t?

Philosophy Think & Drink

Our Think & Drink gatherings are monthly (dojo) sessions that consist of a “meeting of the minds” over libations. An open mind & desire to engage in thoughtful dialogue (whether […]

How Did We Get Here?: Free Will

Debates about “free will” crop up in a wide, wide variety of areas: In discussing law and punishment, we ask whether the defendant acted “of his own free will.” In […]

Loss & Legacy: Living Forward While Looking Back

In this final installment of our loss & legacy series we’ll reflect upon our military and the ways in which we think about ancestors in service, as prompted by the […]

Loss & Legacy: How Do We Think About Our Ancestors?

In this symposium featuring Bill Milton, Ellen Baumler & Daniel Gardiner, and facilitated by David Nowakowski, we’ll consider different kinds of ancestry and lineage, extending beyond just family ties, to […]

Philosophy Walk: Mercy & Forgiveness

We often talk about showing mercy or forgiving those who have harmed us as something noble, praiseworthy, perhaps even necessary or required in order to behave well. But this has […]

Short Reads: "Seneca on Clemency, or Mercy"

Early in the reign of the Roman Emperor Nero, his teacher Seneca composed a short treatise, addressed to the emperor, on the subject of mercy or clemency. While none of […]