Things to Do

Honoring Montana Tribal Veteran Warriors

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924, the event will recognize Indigenous veterans’ military service to the United States, share information about the history […]

How Did We Get Here?: Democracy

“…democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” – Winston Churchill Is democracy new or old? Does […]

Author Event: Rick McIntyre and Rosanne Parry

Presenting: and evening for all ages with veteran Yellowstone park ranger and author Rick McIntyre, and best-selling children’s book author Rosanne Parry. Rosanne Parry is the author of eight novels […]

Family Friendly

What's New In Helena Summer 24

Helena is buzzing with excitement as fresh, innovative businesses have taken root! From unique shops to exciting experiences, these new spots promise diverse products, fun discoveries, and services that cater […]

Pioneer Cabin & Living History Tours

Step inside the Pioneer Cabin at Reeder’s Alley and interact with living history performer, Jodi Delaney, to learn about and explore how Pioneers lived.

Historic Walking Tours

Sponsored by the Foundation for Montana History. Choose to tour mansions, downtown, breweries and brothers, or a haunted tour. Meet at the Pioneer Cabin at Reeder’s Alley.

Turkic New Year Cultural Dinner

🎉 Join Us for an Awesome Cultural Fundraising Dinner! 🎉 Embark on a journey of cultural exploration with us as we bring you an unforgettable evening filled with flavors, traditions, […]

Montana: A Cultural Medley

Carroll College professor emeritus Bob Swartout will speak about Montana’s historical ethnic and social diversity, drawing from his book “Montana: A Cultural Medley.” Swartout’s book gathers enthralling stories from African […]

Many Fine Views: Photographing the Montana Frontier with Haynes

Renowned Northern Pacific photographer F. Jay Haynes followed the construction of the transcontinental railroad as it worked its way across the Montana Territory, capturing the landscapes on his journey. For […]

WPA Poster Design

Did you know that those iconic National Park posters from the 1940s were almost lost to history? Explore the fascinating story behind the New Deal-era WPA posters that put hundreds […]