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The ultimate day on the water …

It’s often said that the worst day of fishing beats the best day of working.  And that’s true enough. But the real question is, why settle for the worst when the best is right here in front of you? Helena is a bona-fide destination for fishers of all kinds – and for good reason. Over six main fishing hotspots in-and-around city limits offer various environments and species for anglers to jump in and experience the thrill of the catch.  No matter your preferred methods or style,  you’ll be able to find a great  place to drop a line in and get those bites you’re looking for.

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46.5891° N, 112.0391° W
Lunker Anglers

Come join “Bus” for a day of guided fishing on some of the best water in Southwest Idaho, Eastern Oregon and Western Montana. Our goal is to give you an awesome and unforgettable day fly fishing, whether you are new to the sport or experienced and well-traveled. We help people enjoy fly fishing, creating memories and stories for years to come! Best angler in the region. Guaranteed good times!!!

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