History Comes Alive
on the Helena Walking App

Visit Helena Montana is excited to launch an updated release of Helena Walking Tour app for Apple and Android smart phones. The new Helena Walking Tour app will help locals and visitors explore Helena’s unique history and architecture. This exciting new over-hall implements augmented reality that will literally make history come alive on your smart phone. These historic photo […]

Hidden Gems:
Aaron Parrett’s Territorial Press

A Helena Hidden Gem By Brian D’Ambrosio Printing was sustainable before ‘sustainability’ became a buzzword. Before the age of offset printing, ‘handmade’ was not only customary in the industry – it was the only way of life. Helena-based letterpress artist Aaron Parrett is tracking the painstaking path of J. Allen Hosmer, who wrote and printed […]

Ten Mile Creek Brewery

Ten Mile Creek Brewery: A new version of an old story by Heidi O’Brien It’s a Helena, Montana story that is over 150 years old. It’s about hope, faith and hard work. It’s about friendship and the future. Three friends in their early twenties are trying something they have never done before. They are digging […]

Montana Wildlife Center

Preserving History and Wildlife By Brian D’Ambrosio Aged buildings discarded. Doors sealed. Factories shuttered. Older architecture is commonly replaced with new forms. But instead of bumping into the wrecking ball, many weary – and unceremoniously retired – buildings find re-purpose as housing, arts incubators or events centers. The Montana Wildlife Center, located at 2668 Broadwater […]

Radon Health Mines
of Boulder-Basin Montana

Radon Health Mines of Boulder-Basin Montana By Brian D’Ambrosio for the Helena Tourism Alliance Note: We are not endorsing the claims made by the benefits of radon simply sharing information on the mines location, history and others experiences.   There are only four radon health mines in the United States, and all four of them are located […]

We all Scream
for Ice Cream

Must Try Ice Cream Stops in Helena, Montana By Anna Strange Ice cream lovers have had the perfect excuse to indulge in their favorite treat this month as July is “National Ice Cream Month.” Who knew there was such a thing? An entire month dedicated to enjoying your preferred sweet, mixed dairy treat; sounds like the […]

A Day Trip from Helena, Montana:
Virginia City & Nevada City

Day-tripping from Helena, MT by Heidi O’Brien, Helena Tourism Alliance Helena, Montana is smack-dab in the middle of western Montana. Helena is 178 miles from Yellowstone National Park and 187 miles from Glacier National Park. This capital city certainly makes a great place to stay for a couple of days if you’re traveling from Park to Park. Helena […]

Helena Area Hikes

By Brian D’Ambrosio One of Helena’s greatest attributes is that anyone living or visiting here can enjoy the beauty and benefits of its hiking. Spring, summer, and fall, the hiking of the great outdoors beckons loudly – and closely. Boasting an attractive, direct escape from the monotony of the gym and the same benefits as the […]

Top Ten Helena Events of the Summer

There’s so many wonderful things to do in Helena, Montana this summer.  It was pretty tough to narrow our list down. Check out our ranking and feel free to comment with what you think is a top Helena Summer event.  If you’re en route between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park via Helena, you’re […]

Spokane Bar Sapphire Mine & Gold Fever Rock Shop – A Montana Mining Adventure

By Brian D’Ambrosio There are barely a handful of places in the U.S. where you can mine for your own gemstones, and one of them is only 10 miles east of Helena. This explains why people arrive at the Spokane Bar Sapphire Mine from eclectic corners of the world to rock hound and rummage around […]