Bike Helena’s Guide Local Rides

Helena’s home to the finest biking community in Montana. With our abundance of trails, gravel, and smooth pavement Helena invites cyclists of ALL abilities to our community. The mountain bike trails are the first to open the season, usually, the last to close in the season, and most of our roads are bikeable 10 months of the year!

Bike Helena’s mission is to help people find the best rides for their ability. We invite you to explore our town by bike, foot, and scooter (if you must)!

North Valley Ride Suggestions

The following routes are recommended by Byron DeFord from Helena United Cycling.

Morning West Valley Ride
Morning West Valley ride, Strava Map

Stretch out hit the pavement and gravel around the Helena Valley. This great 16.2-mile ride departs from downtown Helena, climbs up around the base of Mount Helena, and out to the West Valley for a mellow road/gravel loop. The route will take riders along scenic views of the valley, near the famous Scratch Gravels.

A fantastic route for beginners to advanced level riders looking for a casual winter, early spring, or summer warm-up ride. Keep your legs fresh and moving this season!

Ideal Bikes: Road Bike, & E-Bikes

Valley Loop
Map of Valley Loop ride, Strava Maps

A road ride to test endurance and cadence! The Valley loop is a 33.1-mile ride starting from downtown Helena, that helps build a rider’s stamina. Head north on Green Meadow Drive to Lincoln Road with a quick stop at Lake Helena to reset. A gradual elevation gain helps riders build the stamina needed for those bigger rides later in the summer.

Bike Helena recommends the Valley Loop for those training and getting in shape for long summer rides, a challenge to work on road biking, and those looking for a fun fitness ride.

Ideal Bikes: Road Bikes, E-Bikes

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A special thank you to Big Sky Cyclery, Great Divide Cyclery, & Helena United Cycling.